Performance from Grass

We make extensive use of homebred stock sires, along with the occasional introduction of new genetics. Not many introduced rams have stood up well against our own, so we will often keep the best son, from strong female lines, as a way of incorporating those new genes.


All of the current team are in at least the top 5% of the breed for terminal index, with well balanced trait ebvs and have shown that they are capable of performing on a 100% forage diet. This tested further by their use in our commercial flock each November, where they are expected to mate high numbers of ewes whilst maintaining body condition.

Semen is available from several of these sires, for both UK and export markets. Contact details for enquiries can be found on the 'Contact' link above.

Lowerye Ronnie (16ZVY02674)

A son of L.Powerpack (15ZVY01671), Ronnie has 3 generations of the top gigot muscularity rams in the breed in his sire stack.


Ronnie was twin born (& reared) in our March lambing flock in 2016, and amongst the highest growth rate lambs that year, with no creep fed. All the ewes  in his dam line have always produced consistently well, and his dam (13ZVY00844) has numerous progeny retained in the flock already. 

Ronnie has a terminal index in the top 1% of the breed and a double MyoMAX carrier.

Ronnie was sold to the Oakchurch flock in 2020, with semen retained.

Lowerye Rioja (16ZVY02621)

Lowerye Rioja , Charollais ram

Rioja is a homebred son of the 2000gn Wedderburn Peleus, from a high muscularity daughter of Brettles Jet Set.


Born (& reared) as a twin in our 'zero concentrate' March lambing flock, he had the highest 8 week weight in the group, with his twin brother not far behind. He breeds strength, incredible growth and good fleshing, along with fantastic maternal traits.


One of his first crop of sons CT scanned with the top gigot score in 2018. 

Rioja has a terminal index in the top 5% of the breed and a single MyoMAX carrier.

Lowerye Troubadour (18ZVY04539)

Troubadour is an ET son of L.Stallone, who is the  highest ranked sire on RamCompare for eye muscle depth. There are 5 generations of Lowerye rams in his sire stack, all of which have been trait leaders for gigot muscularity. It came as no great surprise then  that he had the highest gigot ebv after he was CT scanned himself in August 2018.

Troubadour is the highest ranked ram on terminal index in 2019, his index having increased further as the first data from his progeny started to come in.

Bred from a high index W.Peleus daughter, he combines 2 lines that consistently exhibit wide, flat eye muscles, with exceptional depth right out to the edges.  


He is rank 1 for terminal index, at 408, and a double MyoMAX carrier.

Troubadour has now been sold, but we still have semen available for EU export.


Lowerye U'Cracker (19ZVY05712)

U'Cracker is the top ranked Charollais lamb born in 2019. He is the natural son of L.Ronnie out of ET donor, 13ZVY00727, making him a full brother to L.Stallone. 

As with all of 727's progeny, U'cracker grew like a mushroom, and his superb growth & fleshing qualities contributed to his breed topping terminal index of 416. 

I used U'Cracker as a flush sire over one of my ET donors in October 2019, the resulting lambs have excelled to the point where U'Cracker has been used heavily this year. 

A son from that flush is the top ranked ram lamb of 2020, and a daughter is even higher with an index of 465 (top 1% is 339!).

To be fair, that ET donor is an exceptional ewe, the top three ranked ram lambs are all her sons, by three different sires.