Lymore Beltex flock for sale.

I have decided to simplify things here and concentrate on just the one pedigree flock. As a result, I am offering my entire flock of pedigree Beltex ewes for sale. There are 13 mv accredited ewes, all scanned in lamb for early March (5 twins & 8 singles).

As one would expect of a flock here, they have been selected hard for good feet, tremendous confirmation and for the ability to thrive on a forage only ration. Any that didn't make the grade have been culled whilst setting up the flock. The result is a functional flock with a fairly level type, that will make a great start up flock for anyone with more time than I have.

I would prefer them all to go as one group and will be priced accordingly. Obviously the price will be higher if anyone wants to start picking them over.

There are also 6 ewe lambs available, mostly by Rathbone Tony, but not fussed whether they go now, or whether I grow them on to sell next year. 

Pictures and a video are below. Please get in touch if you wish to know more on 07977458544, or

Beltex ewe lambs

Please contact Neil on 07977458544, or email for more details.