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Westonvale Apostle.                                        updated: 26/06/2009


Westonvale Apostle (XBB 0004) was purchased privately as a 2 year old for 2,000 from the Pen-Y-Fan flock of Erica Summerfield when that flock dispersed. I stopped off to inspect him on my way home from the Early Builth Wells ram sale in August 2002 and, on inspection of the flock and his progeny, immediately made an offer to purchase him. I was particularly impressed with the extent to which he had developed, he is now a big, powerful ram that really imposes his presence over the rest of the flock. The fleshing of his loin and rump are particularly impressive. Apostle was purchased at the Premier Sale in 2000 for the top price of 4,100 gns. At that sale, he was by far the most well grown ram lamb, weighing in at over 100kg in early July. He was a huge, powerful ram lamb that was incredibly well developed for his age with a strong head, a deep gigot and an extremely wide, deep loin. His full brother the previous year, Westonvale Jubilee, had been first prize ram lamb at the Premier Sale and subsequently sold to the Foulrice flock of Charles and Valerie Marwood for 2,800 gns. He has been breeding extremely well in that flock on descendants of Cairnhill Crusader and especially on relatives of our influential stock ram, Foulrice Lionheart (DG 5137), breeding many high price males and females in 2002. It is therefore with some confidence that I acquired Apostle for use in the Lowerye flock.

    Apostle was weighed as soon as I got him home, he was a creditable 145 kg after running with ewes for a month with no supplementary feeding - no wonder I can hardly hold him!

    Apostle sired all of the shearling rams in Erica Summerfield's pen at Builth Wells September Sale 2003. That pen was awarded 1st prize pen of untrimmed shearlings.


Westonvale Apostle   

Apostle pictured as a 2 year old.

    Sire: Castellau Campaigner (TZ 6026) is thought by many to be the best son of multiple Interbreed Champion, Scratchmere Senator (LB 3029). Campaigner himself was Champion at Dorchester Show in 1997 and has gone on to breed many show winners before being sadly lost to the Foot and Mouth Contiguous Cull in 2001. He has a stronger head with more cover and a heavier fleece than his father and breeds big, powerful sheep with excellent muscling in the loin and gigot, most of the highest eye muscle sheep in the Castellau flock in 1997 being sired by him. He was purchased privately from the Castellau flock as a lamb after being seen during a farm open day. That flock has since purchased the semen in store from Campaigner and a son is being used heavily with tremendous results. 

    Campaigner has bred many high priced sheep from the small Westonvale flock of V.Crocker in Somerset and has been used extensively through AI in other flocks. His most recent success being in breeding the 2,400gns Champion at the 2002 Premier Sale for Don Green, that ram has gone on to breed the first prize ram lamb at the 2003 Royal Show and numerous lambs that are seeing use in pedigree flocks.

    Campaigner's dam was purchased from the dispersal of Roland Harris' Watcombe (AC) flock in 1994. She was one of the best shearlings in an excellent run which also included the 1st and 2nd prize shearling ewes from the Royal Show 1994. AC 3205 had an exceptional 'A' rated within flock index of 205 and was purchased by the Castellau flock for 560 gns. Her sire and dam were both sired by AP 9046, one of the early sire reference rams who was especially noted for the stylish, milky females that he bred. 

    Dam: AG 6020 was purchased as a ewe lamb from the Boode  (AG) flock of Ranald Fowler. The Boode flock was one of the founder members of the Sire Reference Scheme and an active member until 1997. AG 6020 was a tall, high index ewe lamb sired by reference ram, Penywern Hercules (DA 4094) who is the head of the male line that has bred most of the high eye muscle sheep in the scheme. She was scanned as a ewe lamb within the scheme and was given an index of 303 with a muscle EBV of +3.57mm, this is a higher scheme index than the highest rated ram lamb that year, sire reference ram, Rutland Hitchcock (ZFY 6057). AG 6020 is out of a ewe by the, then record priced, 7,500 gns Tullochallum Glenfiddich (BE 9040). She has bred three sons by Campaigner that have gone on to be used as pedigree stock sires and has now been sold to a North Yorkshire flock restocking after Foot and Mouth. The muscling of both Campaigner and Hercules go some way to explaining the phenomenal fleshing ability of all three brothers, the Marwood's Westonvale Jubilee has already had an enormous influence on that flock with over 1600 progeny recorded and a Foulrice son is being used widely in the Ingram's Logie Durno (ZNN) flock.


Westonvale Apostle.   

Apostle pictured at 7 months old (July 2000).

    Westonvale Apostle was used over the returns from AI in 2002 and ,as he only joined the flock in late August, we only had a handful of late born lambs in 2003. Those lambs gave enough confidence to use him heavily this season and his lambs are, almost without exception, smart and well fleshed, having extremely broad backs and full gigots. 

Sire Reference EBV's:

      Apostle has now had 119 progeny weighed in the  sire reference scheme and we awaited our ultrasound scanning day with anticipation. His lambs certainly looked and handled as though they would scan out well with full loins and a moderate fat level and, WOW!, did they do that. Of the top 40 ram lambs listed on raw scan data, 36 were by Apostle. He had 5 lambs over 40mm of eye muscle to a top of 42mm. From the scanning of his progeny, Apostle's index is 396 and his muscle ebv is the highest of any stock sire in the scheme at +6.12mm. That is surpassed only by that of his best son, Lowerye Eric (ZVY 4090), who has a muscle ebv of +6.84mm! Eric was selected for use in the sire reference scheme in 2005 as part of the "dream team". His lambs look outstanding, the exhibit length and strength with extremely masculine heads and incredible width throughout. They are, by far, the best bunch of lambs that I have seen by any sire. 

    Apostle also bred the highest ranked lamb in the scheme in 2004 with an index of 493 and the highest eye muscle lamb in the scheme, Lowerye Ernie (ZVY 4046). Ernie is out of the twin sister of our stock sire Lowerye Bert, ZVY 1001, and looks to have inherited Bert's length and style with a tremendous head carriage.

    Apostle's progeny really showed their superiority when they were CT scanned with Eric being given the highest gigot score that I have had at 7.96 (Lowerye Del-boy, the highest ranked lamb last year was scored at 6.96) and a muscularity ebv far , far in excess of any other Charollais ram at +10.02! Eric will obviously be used heavily in the flock this year, alongside Ernie and their father.

    In 2009, Apostle remains the highest eye muscle depth ebv of any Charollais ram EVER recorded!


8 wk wt. 21wk wt. Muscle. Fat. Index.
ZVY 4046 +5.19kgs +12.93kgs +4.99mm -0.34mm 428
ZVY 4090 +3.44kgs +7.63kgs +5.06mm -0.93mm 403
XBB 0004. +3.38kgs +9.90kgs +6.12mm -1.35mm 396

    Apostle must have carried at least a single copy of the MyoMAX gene.

Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR.

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