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AI Sires.                                                                                            Updated: 24/07/2009

    In 2009 we have managed to purchase a little semen from Rockvilla Golden Promise (VV6049). Sadly dead now, he was 1st Prize ram lamb at the Royal Ulster Show in 2006, Breed Champion at the Royal Show in 2007 and Interbreed Champion at the Royal Welsh Show in 2008, along with a host of other breed and interbreed championships. Coupled to that, this extraordinary ram has excellent performance records, having himself scanned with an eye muscle of 38mm an a scan weight of 77kg. His progeny have performed exceptionally well both in Signet recording, the show ring and the sale ring. The second and third highest rated lambs in the Signet scheme in 2009 are his sons, both of which excelled in gigot muscularity on CT scanning. Both of those lambs also carry two copies of the MyoMAX double muscling gene. One of those lambs, Brettles Jet Set (WF9078), has also joined the Lowerye flock.

        Rockvilla Golden Promise (VV6049).



    In 2007 we have used 20 doses of sire reference ram Dalby Galactico (PE 6077), he is an outcross to our flock, being a son of Dalby Dartagnion (PE 3103) and is the stock sire with the highest growth rate ebv in the breed at +12.33kg and a muscle ebv of +6.09mm. He is a great carcass sheep with an exceptionally tight fleece and has been used over thick sheep with strong heads.

    Dalby Galactico (PE 6077).

    We have also "taken a punt" on an impressive unrecorded ram. I have used 20 doses of Inglis Chalky (CN 2048) who is a son of Rutland Archie that was top price shearling ram at Builth Wells 2003 at 2,200 gns. I have used him over some of my best ewes having seen him at the AI collection centre where he was lame (having injured his leg) and 5 years old, but still had a FANTASTIC hindquarter. I have heard great reports on his progeny so we shall see what he can breed at Lowerye. On the basis of his progeny, Chalky has joined the ram stud at Lowerye in 2008.

    In 2006 we have again used our own Lowerye Eric as a sire reference ram along with new sire, Crogham Five Star (AB 5085). Both have their own pages on this site, please click on their respective links for more details. Five Star is a huge, powerful, long ram with a masculine head and a little more bone than we usually use, his progeny from daughters of Eric are quite exciting.

    In 2005 we have used sire reference rams across almost the entire flock, such is our opinion of the "Dream Team" that we have selected for use. We have used 20 doses of Rutland Ensign (ZFY 4036) who was 1st prize ram lamb in the Open and Signet classes at the 2004 Royal Show. He returned to claim the 1st prize again in the shearling ram class in 2005. We have used Ensign over the strongest, thickest ewes in the flock and over a selection of strong ewe lambs that are the very best daughters of Lowerye Eric to date. We look forward to the Ensign's progeny with great hopes.

    We also used the 5,100gns Logie Durno Earl of Dunbar (ZVY 4299) over a small selection of ewes to test this new bloodline on a cross section of the flock. The sire reference ram that we have used most heavily is, of course, our own Lowerye Eric (ZVY 4090). So impressed are we by his progeny that we have used him over 175 ewes by AI, ET and natural service.

    L.Eric (ZVY 4090).

    In 2004 we have again used Lowerye Charlie (ZVY 2019) as a sire reference ram alongside Rutland Domingo (ZFY 3013), another huge Arjane Master Mac son. We have also purchased frozen semen from another unrecorded ram, Cairnhill Cocksure (FX 2006). He is by the same sire as Cavalier but out of a ewe from the Galtres (ZKT) flock of Deborah Marwood, that ewe's pedigree includes Foulrice Lionheart (DG 5137) and I am hoping that Cocksure will through a better width of loin and a tighter fleece than his brother. We also purchased 2 ewes from the Rutland production sale in lamb to Rutland Ensign (ZFY 4036), who was 1st prize ram lamb and reserve male champion at the Royal Show 2004 and 1st choice reference ram. Ensign is a huge lamb with the most "rammy" head that I have ever seen, his ET sister, Rutland Perky, which I purchased at the same sale for 1,400gns, is one of the most impressive ewe lambs that I have seen for a long time. 

    In 2003 we have used our own ram, Lowerye Charlie (ZVY 2019) as our reference ram. Charlie was the first choice at the selection day in 2002 and has been the most widely used reference ram in the scheme this summer. Initial use in 2002 has given us enormous confidence in his ability to sire powerful lambs with tremendous growth rates. We have used Charlie and two of his sons, Dynamite and Derek, heavily in the flock in 2003.

    We have also purchased 10 doses of frozen semen from an unrecorded ram (until September 2003!), Cairnhill Cavalier (FX 2018) who is a son of Carthorpe Carlyle (YVY 9003). He was the top priced lamb at Lanark Premier Sale 2002 where he was purchased jointly for 3,500gns by C & V. Marwood and B. Wilkinson. I was lucky enough to have seen him in January 2003 at the Malvern AI centre and was particularly impressed by his fantastic fleshing and overall width and power. We have 8 very high index ewes in lamb to Cavalier and look forward to their lambs in anticipation. He had some March born lambs recorded in the scheme in the Foulrice flock and his initial index has been calculated as 216 with well balanced traits, a good index for an unrelated ram entering the scheme with a small number of progeny. 

    In 2002 we have chosen to use 20 doses of Hyde Bombardier (SU 1094) as a reference ram. He a son of Hyde Sirocco (SU 9066) that is more correct in the feet and has an even more extreme eye muscle EBV of +5.37mm. His is the second highest index stock ram in the scheme in 2002 with an index of 420. Use as a reference ram has seen his muscle EBV drop by nearly 1mm but his index remain stable at 423.

    We have also purchased a further 10 doses of unrecorded ram, Mortimer Majestic (HH 9026) on the strength of his 2002 lambs born in this flock. We have used Majestic on 10 of the best, high index ewes that are not related to senior stock sire Foulrice Lionheart (DG 5137) to try to breed a good RR son. Unfortunately, after CT scanning of his best son and ultrasound scanning of progeny in 2 scheme flocks, Mortimer Majestic has served to show the gaping divide in performance between recorded and unrecorded flocks as his index has come in at a lowly 125! Needless to say, I shan't be using him again.  

    In 2001 we had the option to use a selection of past reference sires within the scheme as we were unable, due to foot and mouth movement restrictions, to view the lambs chosen the previous year before use. In light of this we elected to use a further 10 doses of semen from Hyde Sirocco (SU 9066) along with 10 doses of new reference sire Carnevas Ascender (YHM 0062). Ascender is a son of Royal Show Champion, Highway Mr Softie, whose lambs have impressed us and performed well in the scheme this year. He is out of a daughter of Crogham Centurion (AB 8125) and was himself 2nd at the Devon County Show 2000 as a ram lamb. Both these reference rams have a scrapie genotype of ARR/ARR. Their EBV's are shown in the table at the bottom of this page.

    We also purchased 20 doses of semen from Arjane Master Mac (ZRF 8004) who is the highest growth rate ram in the scheme with an EBV for scan weight of over +11 kg. He also has a very creditable +3.56 mm EBV for eye muscle depth. He is a long, tall ram that will hopefully complement some of our more muscular, blocky ewes. His progeny have performed very well in the show and sale ring and in the sire reference scheme including the champion ram lamb at the 2000 Premier Sale and another ram lamb that sold for 2,300 gns at the same sale. He has also had a son, Rutland Alamos, selected as a reference sire in 2000.  Arjane Master Mac also has a scrapie genotype of ARR/ARR and his EBV's are shown in the table at the foot of the page. 

    We purchased 10 doses of frozen semen from Mortimer Majestic, HH 9026, who was the highest priced shearling at the NSA Builth Wells sale in September 2000 where he made 1,100 gns. He was very much a shot in the dark as far is performance is concerned with no records for him, his sire or his grandsire! I was impressed at the sale by the rams length and hind quarter muscling along with good feet and legs. His sire is a very fleshy ram, CN 5015, from Geraint Lloyd's Inglis flock who stood reserve champion at the NSA Builth Wells sale in September 1996 despite being untrimmed, he later sold for 1,800 gns. I shall watch Majestic's lambs with much interest as he will be the first totally unrecorded ram that I have used for several years!


   In 2000 we used semen from Highway Mr Softie (ZDG 8014) over 10 ewes by AI. He is a remarkable ram by Foulrice Rival (DG 6177) that won just about every show he entered as a shearling ram in 1999, culminating in the breed championship at the Royal Show. His progeny are also being shown by several flocks with great success. As a lamb he was top price at the 1998 premier sale at 2,100 gns and has performed well in the Sire Reference Scheme with an stock sire index of 252 from 765 progeny scanned. He has bred a son in Roger Brewer's 'Carnevas' flock that was selected as a reference ram for use in 2001.  He has a scrapie genotype of ARR/ARQ (the only reason I didn't bid for him myself in 1998!) and I have used him over 10 blocky ARR/ARR ewes with the aim of breeding an RR son. He has bred some very smart lambs, one of which, ZVY 1001, is probably the most stylish lamb that I have ever bred. Lowerye Bert (ZVY 1001) has a scheme index of 294 and a scrapie genotype of ARR/ARR.

    L.Bert (ZVY 1001).

    We have retained a smart, high index son of Foulrice Lionheart, Lowerye Aristocrat (ZVY 0202). He has a scheme index of 404 (details below) and a scrapie genotype of ARR/ARR. He is a mid-January born lamb out of a high index ewe lamb. The dam is by Tullyear Rolls Royce (QY 7016) who was top price ram lamb at the Portadown Premier Sale in Northern Ireland in 1997, she is out of a full sister to reference ram Haultwick Harrier (TH 6103) and to our incredibly successful ET donor, Haultwick Baroness (TH 6152) who will be having a huge effect on our flock in the next few years.

   As committed members of the Charollais Sire Reference Scheme, we use two of a team of four available Reference Rams over at least 10 ewes a piece by AI each year. This serves to link the genetics in each participating flock, so that the effects of different management regimes in different flocks can be removed from the lambs' performance figures. This is to calculate a more accurate measure of genetic merit.

In 2000 we will be using one reference ram as the scheme indices of the rest of the team have fallen below our own lamb average and to use them would, in my opinion, be a backward step. The ram we have elected to use is:

Hyde Sirocco (SU 9066): Sired by Northall Nimbus (ZYV 8013) out of a high index daughter of Netherallan Majestic (KS 1068), Sirocco combines the breeding of several former reference rams into an extremely well fleshed package that has the third highest scheme index for a stock sire. He is very closely bred to the highest index lamb in 2000 (SU 0075) who had a scheme index of 373 and was initially selected for use as a reference ram for 2001. He has a scrapie genotype of ARR/ARR and was sold at the 2000 Premier Sale for 2,000 gns to Phillip Ashford (AK), with semen being retained by the Hyde flock.  He has bred the five highest index ram lambs in the scheme in 2001 and the two highest index ewe lambs in the Lowerye flock in 2001.  

SU 9066     Hyde Sirocco (SU 9066).


In 1999 we elected to use the following reference rams:

Crogham Commissioner (AB 8148): Sired by Drumhilla Danny Boy (ZXY 5017) who was top priced ram lamb at the 1995 Portadown Premier Sale and sold for 1,600 gns. Commissioner breeds long lambs with a high growth rate. He has a scrapie genotype of ARR/ARR.

Rutland Jackpot (ZFY 8064): Sired by previous reference ram Tilton Maverick (YPP 7012) and out of Rutland Tassy (ZFY 4044), who also bred reference ram Rutland Talisman (ZFY 6014). Jackpot was 1st prize ram lamb at the Royal Welsh Show 1998. He is a very lean ram throwing extreme growth rate and a high birth weight. He has a scrapie genotype of ARR/ARR.

    We also retained a well fleshed son of Rutland Jackpot, Lowerye Archie (ZVY 0052), for use in the Lowerye flock with excellent results.

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