The "LOWERYE" flock of British Charollais Sheep.
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New Sires for this year.                                                        Updated: 02/11/2012

    In 2012, we will be using two new service sires in the Lowerye flock.

Meyne Lord of the Hills (XPD:1100059).

Lord of the Hills is a naturally well fleshed son of Bachymbyd Harry, a son of Inglis Director. Lord of the Hills' dam is a daughter of Inglis Chalky (CN:2048), making him line bred to Rutland Archie. I purchased him privately after seeing him at the farm, which is 1000' up in mid-Wales and where he stood out for his confirmation. He is a wide, thickset ram with a tight skin and a tremendous gigot, a 'proper' Charollais. The Meyne flock has only started recording this year, so the ebvs will lack accuracy at this stage, and should improve when data from progeny becomes available. Lord of the Hills' dam also bred the two fastest growing lambs in the flock in 2012, so I am expecting decent growth rates and muscling from his progeny, along with moderate fat levels. I have used him over a group of February lambing ewes and he is running with ewe lambs to catch returns. 


Meyne Lord of the Hills (XPD:1100059).

    Lord of the Hills carries a copy of the MyoMAX gene.

Micklehills Munch Bunch (ZWA:1201710).

    Munch Bunch was a speculative purchase at the 2012 Premier Sale, where he cost 1500gns. He is a son of Dalby Lazelle (PE:00555), a young high index sire that combines bloodlines from Foulrice Eurostar, Rockvilla Golden Promise and the great show ewe, Dalby Champagne (PE:2060). In fact Munch Bunch is line bred to both Rockvilla Golden Promise and D.Champagne, who were both Interbreed Champions at the Royal Welsh Show. Lazelle's dam is the record priced Charollais female, Dalby Jezzabelle (PE:9036), who sold for 7,000gns in 2011.

    His index of 453 is well balanced, with high growth and muscle coupled to a near neutral fat level. CT scanning gave him a muscularity ebv near the top percentile of the breed, at 5.21. As a non-carrier of the MyoMAX gene, he still has good gigot muscularity, so it will be interesting to see how he performs on MyoMAX carrying females.

    Micklehills Munch Bunch (ZWA:1201710).

    I have used Munch Bunch over a small group of February lambing ewes and returns in order to see how his bloodline compares.

    Munch Bunch carries no copies of the MyoMAX gene.


Lowerye Lord (ZVY:1100861).

    Lord is a March born ET lamb by L.Krikey (ZVY:00078) from a ewe lamb sired by L.Juggernaut (ZVY:9040). The recipient ewe was turned out at 24 hours after lambing and reared Lord off grass alone, neither her nor the lambs received any concentrates at all. Lord grew like a mushroom under this regime, whilst carrying a level of finish that could have seen him slaughtered at any weight from 30 to 80kg. This is just what I am looking for in a terminal sire ram! Coupled with this performance, there is not a fault on the ram, so he was trial mated on a small bunch of ewes lambing in February (born before he was even 11 months old) and is now destined for heavy use as a stock ram in the Lowerye flock.

    Lord is the highest rated stock sire in the 2012 Signet report and now has his own page (with pictures) here.


    Lord carries 2 copies of the MyoMAX gene.


  Sire Reference EBV's:

8 wk wt. 21wk wt. Muscle. Fat. Index.
XPD:1100059 +2.89 kgs +6.34 kgs +1.80 mm +0.19 mm 252
ZWA:1201710 +4.77 kgs +9.97 kgs +5.15 mm  -0.03 mm  453
ZVY:110861 +5.28 kgs +11.60 kgs +5.40 mm  +0.10 mm 506
Top 10% +4.31 kgs +9.31kgs +3.74mm -0.60mm 350

    I have included the top 10% percentile ebvs for reference. 


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