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 Lowerye Charlie.                                               updated: 03/06/2008


   Lowerye Charlie (ZVY 2019) is a cracking son of Arjane Master Mac (ZRF 8004) out of a Foulrice Lionheart daughter and from the same female family as multiple interbreed champion, Belbroughton Grandmaster (DJ 1001). Charlie has stood out from a very early age and has been the first choice lamb of many visitors to the flock in 2002. He was born a triplet and reared as a twin and yet had a scan weight of 80 kg by mid-May. He is a long, tall ram with a good gigot and stacks of power (see pictures below) and is absolutely correct. He has a scrapie genotype of ARR/ARR and when our sire reference report came back from Signet, we found that he had a scheme index of 367, making him the 9th highest index lamb in the scheme (our 2nd highest) and the highest index son of Master Mac in 2002. His EBV's are shown at the bottom of the page and these, combined with what you can see in the pictures below, explain why we are very excited about the prospects for Charlie. We have already sold semen to several breeders, Charlie being very fertile at an early age, and semen is frozen and stored for UK and EU export.

   Charlie is the largest ram lamb that we have bred at Lowerye to date, weighing in at 100kg by the end of July 2002 and still growing. He was awarded first prize ram lamb at Moreton-in-Marsh Show in September 2002 where he greatly impressed everyone who saw him (the pictures below were taken after the show).

Lowerye Charlie      Lowerye Charlie

  Sire: Arjane Master Mac (ZRF 8004) is an extreme growth rate son of Findatie Mac (FT 5055) who 1st prize ram lamb at the Lanark Premier Sale in 1995. Mac's sire was Crogham Cannon (AB 3140) who was 1st prize ram lamb at the Royal Show in 1993 and sold for, a then breed record price for a ram lamb, of 7600. The dam of Mac was the famous "Queen of the Ring" that won practically every show she entered and is the foundation of the Findatie (FT) flock in Scotland, her descendants are still winning most of the Scottish shows.

   Dam: ZVY 9022 is an extremely blocky, square ewe sired by senior stock sire, Foulrice Lionheart (DG 5137), who continues to produce the goods and whose milky daughters have all of our best lambs! She is out of ZVY 7113, an ET daughter of Glenbrook Duke (NT 2030) who was the Royal Show Champion in 1994 and also sired reference ram Lowerye Duke (ZVY 7101). ZVY 7113 weighed over 120kg when I culled her in 2001 for her less than desirable scrapie genotype (ARQ/ARQ). She was out of DJ 8001, the dam of multiple interbreed champion winner, Belbroughton Grandmaster (DJ 1001). DJ 8001 herself was supreme champion at the 3 Counties Show in 1989.

       ZVY 9022 had triplets by reference ram Hyde Sirocco in 2001and the 2 females were retained. They were the best Sirocco lambs that were born in the Lowerye flock in 2001 and one, ZVY 1085, was the highest index lamb in the flock in 2001 at 371 and a muscle EBV of +4.24mm. In 2002, ZVY 9022 had triplets again, this time 2 males and a female by Arjane Master Mac (ZRF 8004). All three have come back with a genotype of ARR/ARR and have scheme indices of 367, 341 and 337. In 2003, ZVY 9022 had a single ewe lamb, ZVY 3022, by reference ram Hyde Bombardier (SU 1094), she was one of the few Bombardier lambs retained and was our highest index female with a Scheme Index of 400.

Sire Reference Ram Selection.

    Charlie has been selected as first choice reference ram for use in 2003, polling more than twice the number of votes of the next choice. On the day he stood a good 4" bigger than any of the other ram lambs and was looking particularly impressive. He has been heavily used by almost all flocks within the scheme with many reports of upstanding, smart lambs.

    Charlie's lambs are looking extremely impressive. They typically exhibit his length, his stylish head carriage and his masculine features with about the same moderate level of head cover. They are all consistent in type and are growing incredibly fast, they were my highest growth rate lambs of 2003. Their loins are, almost without exception, even wider than their sire's, no doubt due to the influence of Lionheart in the sire's dam and in the pedigree of many of the lambs' dams. Charlie has certainly come up to expectations and will be used heavily and with great confidence over the next few years.   

Sire Reference EBV's:

    Charlie's scheme index has increased in accuracy after use in 3 sire reference flocks as a lamb and the CT scanning of several lambs. He was used widely as a reference ram in 2003 with several of the resultant progeny looking good in the show ring. He now has a more accurate and well balanced index based on 239 progeny. I have retained several strong lambs for use as stock sires. 

8 wk wt. 21wk wt. Muscle. Fat. Index.
ZVY 2019. +4.38kgs +9.75kgs +2.25mm -0.44mm 328

Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR.

Semen is available for EU Export.


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