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Lowerye Archie.                                                                              Updated: 03/06/2008

    Lowerye Archie (ZVY 0052) is a homebred son of Rutland Jackpot (ZFY 8064) who we used as a sire reference ram in 1999. He was a strong twin born lamb from one of our best and most consistent female families originating from the Cairnhill flock. Archie was one of those lambs that always stood out and was our heaviest lamb at scanning at 78kgs. He also had one of our best eye muscle depths in 2000 (35.2mm).

    Archie is a deep, thick set ram with a masculine head and an incredibly powerful front end. He has a wide loin and a well fleshed gigot. Archie has a perfect mouth and stands with a dead straight topline on excellent feet and legs. His lambs look to be correct, tall and stylish with excellent fleshing qualities and he will certainly be used widely in 2001. The performance of Archie's lambs in the sire reference scheme have increased his index to an impressive 308.

                            Lowerye Archie    Lowerye Archie (ZVY 0052).


                                Rutland Jackpot (ZFY 8064).


    Archie's sire, Rutland Jackpot, is a high index son of Reference ram, Tilton Maverick (YPP 7012), who was used extensively in the scheme in 1998 and whose semen has been exported to several countries around the world. Maverick was a high growth rate son of reference ram Netherallan Envoy (KS 4149), who also sired Lowerye Brutus (ZVY 6100).

    Rutland Jackpot was 1st prize ram lamb at the Royal Welsh Show in 1998.

    We used Jackpot as a reference ram over 10 "blocky" ewes, several of which had bred well to Tilton Maverick the previous year. One set of twins stood out as a very useful pair. Lowerye Archie was the ram lamb in that set of twins.

Dam: Archie's mother, ZVY 6035, was the result of our first embryo transfer program carried out in 1995. We flushed what I still consider to be one of our best ever ewes, FX 1023, to  Netherallan Majestic (KS 1068), sire of Netherallan Majestic King (KS 2036) and Netherallan Lord (KS 3041). FX 1023 was sold as a ewe lamb at the 1991 Premier Sale from John Hunter's Cairnhill flock in Scotland for 1,450 gns. The next year she was 2nd prize shearling ewe at the Great Yorkshire Show. We purchased her that year for 660 gns and she has turned out to be one of the cheapest ewes we have ever bought, siring 5 sons that have been used in pedigree flocks and many daughters retained in the Lowerye flock. When we perform an ET program, descendants of this family always feature prominently.

    Archie's dam had bred well the previous year to Jackpot's sire, Tilton Maverick, again rearing twins. The female from that pair had an eye muscle of 36mm at scanning and was herself successfully flushed for ET as a ewe lamb in 1999 and again as a shearling in 2000, several of her progeny having indices in excess of 300. Archie's dam was mated to Foulrice Lionheart in 2000, rearing twins again, with indices of 287 and 298 resulting. 

   2000 Usage:

     As the progeny of Rutland Jackpot seemed variable, Archie was used very cautiously as a ram lamb, only being turned out with one batch of returns in August. We have had 27 lambs born from several types of ewe and they all exhibit incredible style with a wonderful head carriage. They are typically strong and tall with wide, well fleshed loins and full gigots. They all exhibit their sire's tremendously powerful head and front end and most have a line of muscling down the centre of their backs and look to have the potential to grow into exceptional lambs. 

    That first crop of lambs have displayed an exceptional growth rate to 21 weeks and ultrasound scanning has also shown them to be very heavily muscled in the loin. They are, without exception, correct in the mouth with excellent feet and legs. 

    I wish that I had had more confidence in Archie's breeding and had used him more extensively, he will certainly be used more heavily in 2001.

    Archie was used by AI in July 2001 and then mated to a bunch of sponged ewes by leaving them in a pen. Over 3 days he served 30 ewes naturally before being rested for a month. He will then be turned out with a raddle to catch any returns from AI that have not been shown up by the teaser rams.

Sire Reference EBV's:

8 wk wt. 21wk wt. Muscle. Fat. Index.
ZVY 0052. +4.75kgs +10.27kgs +2.90mm +0.52mm 308

Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR.

Archie has now been sold on, having received an offer that was too good to refuse!


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