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FOULRICE LIONHEART.                                            Updated: 03/06/2008

    Foulrice Lionheart (DG 5137) was first sourced by myself for semen to use in an ET program (which later produced several prize winning sheep). I had first seen him as a shearling ram at the breed Premier Sale in 1996 where he was sold for 1,150 gns to the Allesborough flock. He had already seen 2 seasons use in the Foulrice flock where two sons and a full brother were retained for use. He struck me then as the type of Charollais we should all be breeding and I regret not acquiring him at that time. He stood Interbreed Champion at Burwarton Show in 1997 and was then sold at the Allesborough dispersal sale in 1998 for the top price of 1,000 gns (we were the under bidders!). We had bought some semen prior to the sale and, having seen 40 lambs at Lowerye, bought Lionheart privately for 750 gns (with the owner retaining 2 years use through AI). On the basis of those first 40 lambs, Lionheart's scheme index of 280 placed him as the sixth highest stock sire in the Sire Reference Scheme in 1999.


      Cairnhill Crusader (FX 3054).

Sire of Foulrice Lionheart (pictured reproduced with kind permission of C.Marwood - Foulrice flock).


     We have been so pleased with Lionheart's progeny that he was our main service sire in 1999 with over 100 ewes lambing to him. He has been used in an extensive embryo transfer program in 1999, of 8 ewe lambs flushed at Lowerye in August 1999, five were put to Lionheart, the other three being his daughters. In July 2000 we flushed a further 5 RR ewes for ET and had no hesitation in putting Lionheart on all five. We remain extremely impressed by his progeny both as lambs and as easy fleshing shearlings and have 130 ewes in lamb to him through AI, ET and natural service in the 2000/1 season. 9 high index sons of Lionheart have been used over the commercial flock in October 2000.

    Foulrice Lionheart is an extreme type of Charollais, he is a powerful masculine ram with a wide forehead and a very long, wide and flat loin whilst following the traditional wedge shape, so important to ease of lambing. Fleshing in his loin is like no other Charollais I have ever seen and this is consistently inherited by his lambs. His gigot is full and deep with his back legs set wide apart. His legs are very good with short, straight pasterns of the type that will never go down, again, this is always seen in his progeny. He has a very tight fleece as is usual in such heavily fleshed stock.

    Show and Sale Success:

Lionheart himself was interbreed champion at Burwarton Show in 1997.

He was top price at the Allesborough dispersal sale in 1998 at 1,000 gns.

A daughter was top price shearling ewe at the National Female Sale in 1999.

Another daughter, ZVY 9061, was 1st prize ewe lamb at Kenilworth Show 1999.

 ZVY 9061 was 7th prize (of 40!) ewe lamb at the Three Counties Show 1999.

Lionheart's progeny were 6th and 7th prize (of 45!) ram lambs at the Three Counties Show 1999.

In 1999, A son of Lionheart, ZVY 9011, has a Scheme Index of 339, the joint highest.

A son was selected for use as a reference sire in Eire in July 2000.

A grandson of Lionheart, DG 0004, was top priced ram lamb at the Early Builth Wells Sale 2000.

The Premier Sale Champion 2000 was a shearling ram out of a Lionheart daughter.

A Son has topped the Irish Sire Reference Scheme in 2002.

A son has topped the Canadian Sire Reference Scheme in 2002.

A son, Lowerye Aristocrat (ZVY 0202), has an index of 404 in 2003.

ZVY 2089 topped the scheme in 2002 with an index of 439, his dam is by Lionheart.

A Foulrice shearling made 2,100gns at the Premier Sale in 2002, his dam was by Lionheart's twin.

All 4 Lionheart sons in the Lowerye pen at that sale went to breeders' flocks.

A Lionheart son, born by AI, sold for 1,400 gns at the Lanark Premier Sale 2002.

Our highest index lamb in 2003, ZVY 3198, is line bred to Lionheart.

ZVY 3198 has come out as the highest rated lamb in the scheme (2003) for muscularity.

Another Lionheart daughter bred the top index recorded lamb in 2004 with an index of 493.

ZVY 4090 is out of another daughter of Lionheart, he is the highest eye muscle ebv lamb ever and the highest muscularity ebv lamb ever.


Sire: Cairnhill Crusader (FX 3054) was purchased by the Foulrice flock for 1,150 gns at the 1993 Premier Sale and they consider him to be their most influential stock sire to date. Crusader was breed champion at the Great Yorkshire Show and many other local shows in 1994. His sons stood 1st and 3rd at the Royal Highland Show in 1997. His grandsons were top priced ram lambs at the Premier Sale and Builth Wells sale in 1998. Grandsons stood champion at the Premier Sale and the Royal Show in 1999. Many other descendants, both male and female, have won prizes at many shows around the country in the last few years. One grandson was selected as a reference ram in 1998 and two more were selected in 1999. Crusader is undoubtedly head of one of the most influential Charollais bloodlines at the present time.

Dam: DG 2006 was bred from a French imported ewe (I6 flock) by an excellent Elmley Lovett ram purchased at the Premier Sale in 1991, she had an eye muscle of 36 mm. 

Sire Reference EBV's:

8 wk wt. 21wk wt. Muscle. Fat. Index.
DG 5137. +2.55kgs +5.87kgs +3.15mm -1.28mm 323

    410 of Lionheart's progeny have now been scanned by ultrasound and a large number were also CT scanned at Edinburgh in 1999. This large amount of data makes for a very accurate scheme index and his measured eye muscle depths continue to excel. We have again used Lionheart over more than 130 ewes through AI and ET in the Lowerye flock in 2000.

   Foulrice Lionheart is the highest index son of Cairnhill Crusader in the Sire Reference Scheme. Of only three lambs with scan weights in excess of 80 kgs in the sire reference scheme in 1999, two were sired by Foulrice Lionheart. Our highest index ram lamb had a scheme index of 295, he had a liveweight at scanning of 81.0 kgs and an eye muscle depth of 40.2 mm, the highest in the scheme that year. That lamb, Lowerye Lotto, has now increased his index to 339 as a result of inclusion of CT data, the joint highest index shearling ram in the scheme and has been retained for use in the Lowerye flock where he has bred some exceptionally stylish, fast growing and well fleshed lambs. On the performance of those lambs Lotto's index has increased further to 392, the second highest in the scheme to date. Lotto was, of course, by Lionheart. 

    We also had ewe lambs by Lionheart to a scheme index of 298. The only semen that I have allowed to be sold in the UK before 2000, resulted in a ram lamb with an scheme index of 320, that flock's only lamb in the top 10% of the scheme. Semen exported to Eire in 1999 has produced 13 lambs in their Sire Reference Scheme and given Lionheart a good index. Further use in 2000, along with use of his sons, should increase that index further. Rory and Simon Brown have had a son selected as a Reference Ram in Eire and sold several others well at the Southern Irish Premier Sale. They have retained a further high index son for their own use as well as semen from Lionheart himself.    

    Lionheart  has once again in 2000, sired the highest eye muscle lamb in the Lowerye flock, indeed in the whole Sire Reference Scheme. He has an eye muscle of 38.6mm and is a twin from a  daughter of Netherallan Majestic King (KS 2036). All of our highest eye muscle depth lambs, male and female, were sired by Lionheart. He also sired our highest index ram lamb in 2000 with a scheme index of 297, this lamb has now been sold into the ongoing SAC high/low index trial flock. This trial intends to quantify the benefits of using high index rams on several large flocks of indexed North Country Mule ewes under commercial management. 

    Another son of Lionheart, Lowerye Aristocrat (ZVY 0202), has been retained for use in the Lowerye flock this year. Aristocrat is a mid-January born lamb out of a ewe lamb and has a Scheme Index of 287 and a Scrapie Genotype of ARR/ARR. His dam is by Tullyear Rolls Royce (QY 7016) who was champion ram lamb at the Portadown Premier Sale in 1997, she is out of a full sister to Reference Ram, Haultwick Harrier (TH 6103). On the performance of Aristocrat's lambs in the scheme, he has increased his index to 341 and that of his dam to 387. Further use in 2001 has led to Aristocrat's index being adjusted up to 369. Use in 2002, and the CT scanning of two sons, has increased Aristocrat's index further to 404.

    In 2001 our seven highest eye muscle ram lambs were all sired by Lionheart and our 8th highest muscle ram lamb was out of one of his daughters! Of three ewe lambs with an eye muscle over 38mm in the Lowerye flock, two were sired by Lionheart and the 3rd was by reference ram, Hyde Sirocco out of a Lionheart daughter. We shall be using four sons and two grandsons of Lionheart, alongside the ram himself, in the 2001 breeding season.

    Lowerye Bart, a son of Lionheart owned by Joe Coulson (TB flock) was Champion at the Great Yorkshire Show in 2004.

     L.Bart (ZVY 1137).

    In 2003, we bred the highest muscularity ebv ram lamb in the scheme, Lowerye Del Boy (ZVY 3198). He was a son of Lowerye Bert (ZVY 1001) out of a daughter of Foulrice Lionheart. Bert himself is also out of a Lionheart daughter, line breeding having exaggerated the incredible fleshing.

    In 2004, we again bred the highest muscularity ebv ram lamb, Lowerye Eric (ZVY 4090). Eric is a son of Westonvale Apostle (XBB 0004) and again out of a Lionheart daughter. Eric has the highest muscle depth ebv, the highest muscularity ebv, the highest lean meat yield ebv and the highest gigot shape score of any charollais EVER recorded. We also bred the highest actual eye muscle depth lamb in the scheme, Lowerye Ernie (ZVY 4046), who is out of Lowerye Bert's twin sister, a Lionheart granddaughter.

    In 2005, we again bred the highest eye muscle area ram lamb. ZVY 5147 was sired by sire reference ram, Rutland Domingo (ZFY 3013) and out of a daughter of Foulrice Lionheart. He was the highest index ram lamb of 2005 with an index of 487 and has the second highest muscularity ebv of any lamb in 2005. His eye muscle area was measured by CT scanning at over 42 sq. cm, over double the area of the lowest eye muscle area lamb presented for scanning, and only the best lambs are selected for presentation! This equates to twice the area of meat in a lamb chop, clear REAL evidence, if it were needed, of the value of recorded stock!

    Below are a few pictures of typical progeny of Foulrice Lionheart at 3 weeks of age (Dec 2001).


   Semen: We did not offer any semen from Lionheart for sale in the UK in 1999 despite several requests, preferring to keep these genetics to the Lowerye flock for a year. A small quantity of semen was exported to Eire in August 1999, from which I have seen some excellent lambs, one of which has been selected for use as a Reference Sire in the Irish scheme for 2001. Needless to say, a second consignment of Lionheart semen was exported to Eire in 2000, along with a shipment to the Netherlands which also gave impressive results. Several  Canadian flockmasters have also been impressed by Lionheart's qualities and that of his progeny and have purchased semen from his son, Foulrice Explorer. Explorer has since gone on to top the Sire Reference Scheme in Canada. 

Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR.

Semen for Sale.

   Many thanks to the many UK flocks that have purchased semen and to those flocks that have purchased sons, I am sure that you will be as impressed as I am with the progeny, both male and female, of our most influential stock sire to date. 


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