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Lowerye Eric.                                                                                Updated: 05/06/2011


    Lowerye Eric

    Eric has tested as a Myomax "Gold" ram, he carries two copies of the Myomax double-muscling gene.

    Lowerye Eric (ZVY 4090) is my favourite son of Westonvale Apostle (XBB 0004). Born and reared as a twin, Eric always caught the eye for his width and superior fleshing qualities. He scanned with an eye muscle of 41.1mm and a fat depth of 2.9mm at 160 days, when he weighed 68kg. As one of the most impressive lambs of 2004 and with equally impressive ultrasound scanning data, he was selected to travel to Edinburgh for CT scanning. That is where the true extent of his breeding potential was uncovered. He scanned with the highest gigot shape score of any Charollais EVER recorded, he had the highest muscularity score of any Charollais EVER recorded, he had the highest eye muscle ebv of any Charollais EVER recorded, he had the highest lean meat yield ebv of any Charollais EVER recorded and he had the second highest eye muscle area of any Charollais recorded in 2004 (behind only his paternal brother L.Ernie). 

    Eric's dam is an incredibly wide daughter of Foulrice Lionheart (DG 5137) out of a square ewe by Netherallan Envoy (KS 4149) that we purchased from the Haultwick (TH) flock. The family has always bred extremely fleshy progeny including Lowerye Enigma (ZVY 4148), sold to the Hyde and Grimston flocks.

    Eric was selected as part of the Sire Reference "Dream Team" for use as a reference ram in 2005. I have had reports of some superb lambs in flocks all around the country.

    Used heavily as a lamb, Eric had 134 progeny on the ground in 2005. All are stamped with their sire's shape and power and make up the most consistent bunch of lambs that we have ever bred. Their performance has surpassed Signet's predictions to such a degree that Eric's index has increased to 405. Such is our satisfaction with Eric that he was used over 175 ewes and ewe lambs in the 2005 breeding season.

    Eric's progeny have excelled on ultrasound scanning results with a top eye muscle recorded of 42.7mm and several more in excess of 40mm. Weights at scanning have also been impressive with several over 80kg.

    Eric sired both the winning ram lamb and ewe lamb in large classes at the 3 Counties Show 2005 (with indexes of 399 and 462 respectively). The ewe lamb was described as "the only E grade lamb" that the judge had handled at the show.

    At the 2005 Premier Sale we sold 3 of Eric's sons, two at 1,000 gns and one at 900 gns. Another two are being used alongside their father in the Lowerye flock.

    A son of Eric, L.Father Jack (ZVY 5068), has been selected for use as a sire reference ram in 2006.

    In 2006, Eric has gone one better. His son, Lowerye Great Guns (ZVY 6084), has a new record eye muscle depth for Charollais at 44.5mm. He was sent to be CT scanned and was shown to have a new record eye muscle area measurement at 42.88 

    Over half of the top 100 recorded lambs in 2006 were sired by Lowerye rams, mostly Eric with a handful by his paternal brother, L.Evangelist.

    In 2007, two thirds of the top 100 index lambs were produced from Lowerye bloodlines, almost all Eric's.

    In 2008, over half of the top 100 lambs were again sired by Eric or his sons.

    In 2008, we had a lamb from an Eric daughter and reared as a twin on the dam, L.I's a Good 'Un (ZVY 8057) scanned with an eye muscle depth of 43.6mm and weighed 78kg at 148 days old. He is the highest index ram lamb of 2008 at 488 and has a new record eye muscle ebv of +7.08mm. He was sold for 3,000gns at the Premier Sale and then I purchased a half share back. I have used him over a group of mostly unrelated ewes and ewe lambs in September 2008.

    In 2009, despite only having a handful of lambs on the ground here, Eric again managed to breed our highest eye muscle ram lamb (38.7mm). His daughters continue to produce the goods, here and elsewhere. All of our highest index lambs are out of Eric daughters again and the second highest index lamb in the scheme (index: 447) is out of an Eric daughter in the Brettles flock.

    In 2010, we bred a ram lamb (L.Krikey) that was the 2nd highest index lamb in the recording scheme. He has one of the highest growth rates in the breed, one of the highest eye muscle depths and CT scanning showed him to have the best gigot shape score ever measured in a Charollais. He is, of course, out of an Eric daughter. After extensive use of that ram, his progeny's performance have taken him to the top of the stock sire ranking with an index of 543.

    In 2011, Eric daughters have bred the highest index male and females ever recorded, with indexes of 554 and 530 respectively. Both were line bred to Eric, being sired by L.Krikey.

    Eric has tested as a Myomax "Gold" ram, he carries two copies of the Myomax double-muscling gene.

    Sire Reference EBV's (based on 838 progeny):

8 wk wt. 21wk wt. Muscle. Fat. Index.
ZVY 4090 +3.19kgs +7.18kgs +4.95mm -1.00mm 393

Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR.

Semen for sale for UK and EU export.

Lamb chops!

    Having had a few late born lambs by Eric killed for the freezer, the reasons for our  selection policies were clear.............

    Ultrasound, and more recently, CT scanning has enabled us to breed sheep with exceptionally wide, full loins. This is shown on CT as increased eye muscle area and on the plate as meaty, succulent chops. The chops above went on a BBQ and I can personally vouch for them being tender and succulent!


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