The "LOWERYE" flock of British Charollais Sheep.
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 Lowerye Impressive.                                                                                Updated: 05/06/2011

   Lowerye Impressive (ZVY 8250) was a February born twin by House out of one of my ET donor ewes, ZVY 4097. She is a daughter of Westonvale Apostle (XBB0004) that was herself born by ET and has a phenomenal transmitting power for muscle. She has bred two ewe lambs that have had eye muscles in excess of 40mm, despite being sired by relatively low muscle rams. The female line traces back to my most influential ewe, FX1023, whose numerous descendants have been flushed many times. The majority of the flock can trace their roots back to that one female, whose stylish qualities are still evident in the lambs today. Impressive has a very deep, full loin and a well developed, solid hindquarter. He is pictured at 18 months old.




    Being late born, he was only used to chase repeats in September but his progeny are outstanding, especially out of daughters of Lowerye Eric. They are full of power and flesh and have amazing hindquarter development. Not surprisingly, he has seen much more use in 2009. Some of his progeny are shown below. They are pictured at 7 months old having had only grass and clover from 8 weeks of age.



    Impressive carries a single copy of the MyoMAX gene.

    Full sister to Impressive (@ 4 months).

  Sire Reference EBV's:

 Impressive's ebvs are indeed impressive. His performance, and that of his early progeny have increased his index to 454, making him one of the highest index stock rams in the UK and the highest muscle ebv ram to date.

8 wk wt. 21wk wt. Muscle. Fat. Index.
ZVY 8250 +3.49kgs +6.56kgs +5.35mm -0.57mm 377
Top 10% +4.31kgs +9.32kgs +3.75mm -0.64mm 344

    I have included the top 10% percentile ebvs for reference. 

Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR.

Semen for sale for UK and EU & USA export.


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