The "LOWERYE" flock of British Charollais Sheep.
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Rainbow House of Letterawe.                                                   Updated: 05/06/2011





Rainbow House of Letterawe (XPU7009).

    Rainbow House of Letterawe (XPU 7009) was purchased privately from Andrew & Jan Walton's Rainbow flock after I placed him first in the ram lamb class at the Staffordshire County Show. Seeing him at the show, where he was the only ram lamb shown untrimmed, he was full of flesh with great width over the loin and rump and a full gigot, coupled with an incredibly tight, dense fleece. What I did not know at the time was that he had also scanned with an eye muscle depth of 40.9mm and a muscularity score (from CT) of 7.92. He is sired by multiple show champion, Southam Exotic (NE 4419), who has sired progeny to 7,600gns, out of a daughter of Lowerye Evangelist (ZVY 4079), an Apostle son that I sold to the Walton's at the 2004 Premier Sale. I am told that the dam is a typical Evangelist daughter, wide,  full of flesh and a regular member of the Rainbow show team. House's fleshing qualities and those of his progeny, have given him a muscle depth ebv of +4.71mm and an index of 349, despite carrying a little fat.

    Used lightly in the Rainbow flock and fairly heavily in this flock, he had 128 recorded progeny in his first year. I used him mostly on daughters and granddaughters of Lowerye Eric, and then over all of the ewe lambs in September.  His lambs have strength right through, from their masculine heads, through flat shoulders, wide loins and full rumps. They have wide, full loins with eye muscles of up to 40.7mm (in a ewe lamb!). Their rumps are wide and their gigots are consistently full and deep. 

    Progeny of House are strong lambs born and then improve with age. At 40kg they are exceptionally good shaped and carrying enough finish, then they improve some more! I would expect them to make some fantastic shearlings.

    In 2008, House has seen heavier use, with more than 90 ewes in lamb to him. He, along with two sons (both of which are over +5mm muscle ebv) are also being used to sweep up the returns. 

    The performance of the progeny from one of those sons, L.Impressive (ZVY8250), have meant that he is now the highest muscle ebv Charollais ever recorded and has been retained for further use at Lowerye.

Ewe lamb by House.

    Sire Reference EBV's:

    House's ebvs are now based on  298 recorded progeny, with a small group having been through the CT scanner too. The performance of his progeny has increased his ebvs on all traits. His muscularity ebv is now one of the highest in the breed at +5.48, indicating that his progeny will produce some of the best natural fleshing in the breed.

8 wk wt. 21wk wt. Muscle. Fat. Index.
XPU7009 +2.91kgs +5.44kgs +4.52mm +0.62mm 310


Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR.

    After several years of extensive use, House was sold for 1,000gns at the 2010 Premier Sale. The new owner, Mrs J.Bury, informs me that he is breeding very well for her too.


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