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FOULRICE EXPLORER.                                                       Updated: 03/06/2008  

Foulrice Explorer - DG 7112

Foulrice Explorer (DG 7112) was purchased in September 1998 as the best son of Foulrice Lionheart when it looked as though we would not be able to use that ram. He had been used successfully for two seasons in the Foulrice flock in Yorkshire prior to sale. He is a very masculine ram with a tight skin and tremendous fleshing in the gigot. He was used on a few late lambing ewes that year with good results, those lambs growing into some very smart, saleable shearlings. He was again used by natural service in 1999 with some very correct, good shaped lambs being born, two of which won the Easter Lamb Show and Sale at Andoversford Market in April 2000.

   We also purchased a son of Explorer, Foulrice Charlie (DG 8126), in 1998 when he was 2nd prize performance recorded ram lamb at Lichfield II. We used Charlie prior to selling him as a shearling and have got several long, well grown lambs by him.

   Explorer's semen was exported to Canada in 2000 where he saw widespread use and topped the Sire Reference Scheme.

    In April 2000, two of Explorer's lambs were Overall Champion Pair at Andoversford Easter Lamb Show and Sale and achieved top price of the day.

Sire: Foulrice Lionheart (DG 5137), Champion at Burwarton Show 1997, Lionheart is the highest index son of Cairnhill Crusader in the Sire Reference Scheme with an index of 296.

   Cairnhill Crusader (FX 3054).  

Grand Sire of Foulrice Explorer (reproduced with kind permission of C.Marwood - Foulrice flock).

Dam: DG 4083 - a very milky ewe by Crabtree Supreme (ND 9069). Supreme breeds stylish, milky females with excellent growth rate and a large mature size. He was the North Yorkshire Show Champion in 1992 and sired the Lancaster Show and Sale Champion in the same year. Supreme himself was top price in the Crabtree Production Sale in 1991, selling to Charles Marwood's Foulrice flock.

Sire Reference EBV's:

       As Explorer was only mated onto a few ewes late in his first season, only 5 progeny were scanned in 1999 and his scheme index that year were not very accurate at 191. As predicted his index has now lifted with an increase in accuracy  as scan data from 30 progeny is now incorporated. 

8wk wt.

21wk wt.




DG 7112.






Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR.


   Foulrice Explorer was sold in September 2000 for use in another pedigree flock (Haycroft Farms) after the season's tupping in the Lowerye flock.

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