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Lowerye Double Entendre.                                                         updated: 03/06/2008


    Lowerye Double Entendre (ZVY 3162) is my favourite son of Lowerye Bert (ZVY 1001), the highest index son of Royal Show Champion, Highway Mr Softie (ZDG 8014). Double Entendre is an extremely long ram with a wide loin and the fullest, deepest gigot that I have seen on a Charollais for some time. I consider him to be even better than his father with a more masculine head, stronger bone and a little more wool. He is absolutely correct with a perfect topline and his sire's short, strong pasterns. 


Lowerye Double Entendre    Lowerye Double Entendre   

  Lowerye Double Entendre (ZVY 3162).

    Double Entendre was second prize in the junior stock ram class of the 2003 Central Region Flock Competition and 3rd prize in 2004. Like his father, he is an easy fleshing ram that is always in good condition and full of meat off grass. He scanned with an eye muscle of 35.1mm and a fat depth of 2.6mm at 151 days old.

    His daughters have incredible ends, strong heads and tight fleeces and are leaving some superb carcase lambs, mostly by senior stock sire, L.Eric.


    Sire: Lowerye Bert (ZVY 1001) is the highest index son of the multiple show champion, Highway Mr Softie (ZDG 8014) and considered by most that have seen him to be his best. He is an extremely long ram that has a tremendous loin and a full gigot. He is an easy fleshing ram  that never lacks shape and has incredible style. Bert is bred out of a daughter of Foulrice Lionheart (DG 5137) out of a huge Netherallan Envoy (KS 4149) ewe. She was out of a daughter of Southam Mr Piggy Wig (NE 1010) by the legendary Manxman Nessie (BS 6007) and out of GA 0013, Champion at Gloucester in-lamb ewe sale 1992.

Lowerye Bert    Lowerye Bert 

  Lowerye Bert.

    Dam: ZVY 8049 is our last remaining daughter of sire reference ram, Eversure Bacchus (QN 4030) who was out of QN 9030, dam of Lowerye Brutus (ZVY 6100) and Lowerye Duke (ZVY 7101). ZVY 8049 is a huge ewe that has bred well to Bert's sire, Highway Mr Softie (ZDG 8014), her Softie daughter having bred a Bert son that has been sold to Eire, and to Lionheart. Her Lionheart daughter has had embryos exported to the Netherlands which resulted in Mac Charlie, retained as a stock sire by Harry DeVliegher. She has strong bone and a wide head and has always reared her lambs well, all of her daughters have been retained to date. She is out of a ewe by Southam Albert (NE 1011), probably the mostly widely used son of Manxman Nessie (BS 6007) off an enormous Belbroughton ewe, DJ 0012, that we purchased at the Premier Sale in 1993. Double Entendre traces back to the great champion producer, Manxman Nessie, on both sides of his pedigree through the twins Southam Mr Piggy Wig and Southam Albert.


Sire Reference EBV's:

8 wk wt. 21wk wt. Muscle. Fat. Index.
ZVY 3162 +2.46kgs +5.11kgs +1.94mm -0.63mm 255


    Lowerye Double Entendre was used by AI and natural service over several ewe lambs in an ET program in October 2003 and over all of the March lambing flock. I consider him to be one of the best lambs that I have ever bred, combining length, fleshing and power with the style of his sire.

    He was sold, after serving 20 ewes in July, at the Builth Wells Early Sale in 2005 where he was top price senior ram and went to another pedigree flock.

Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR.


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