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GRIMSTON DICKIE.                                                            Updated: 03/06/2008

Grimston Dickie (ZPH 9030) was purchased privately at the 1999 Royal Show, where he was being exhibited, after seeing him drawn forward at Sire Reference Selection Day three weeks earlier. We considered him to be the smartest and most correct son of Grimston Atlas to date, a male line that is throwing many high index sheep in the sire reference scheme and with especially high muscle EBV's. He has grown into a long, tall yearling ram with excellent feet and legs. He throws lambs with length and a tremendous growth rate with good fleshing of the loin and gigot. We used him in an ET program and as a chaser ram later in the season, primarily on daughters of Lionheart which he appears to complement very well. A ram resulting from that ET program, Lowerye Arry (ZVY 0209), who has a scheme index of 305, has been retained for use in the Lowerye flock in 2001.

     After use in July and August 2000, we sold Dickie at the September Builth Wells Sale where he was the lead ram, and top price, in our pen. I must say he did look particularly impressive and attracted much attention from commercial farmers and breeders alike. Dickie was awarded 3rd prize in the recorded shearling ram class at the sale. 


Sire: Grimston Atlas (ZPH 8046) is the highest index son of sire reference ram Rutland Hitchcock. His breeding includes Crogham Centurion and Netherallan Envoy, both successful reference rams in the past. Atlas has a scheme index of 394 after being used extensively as a reference ram in 1999.

Dam: ZPH 5021 is a high index, well fleshed ewe combining the breeding of Inglis Lloyd and Southam Donavon, 1st prize MLC recorded ram at the Royal Show 1993. Donavon is a son of Glenbrook Jason and was sold at the 1993 Premier Sale for 3,000 gns. 

Sire Reference EBV's:

8wk wt. 21wk wt. Muscle. Fat. Index.

ZPH 9030.

+2.62kgs +7.25kgs +1.59mm -0.78mm 332

Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR.

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