The "LOWERYE" flock of British Charollais Sheep.
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Crogham Five Star (AB 5085).                                                 updated: 09/10/2008


   We managed to purchase a half share in Crogham Five Star (AB 5085) after seeing him at Sire Reference selection day as a shearling in June 2006. He is jointly owned with Stuart Dunkley's Hyde (SU) flock in Northamptonshire. Five Star is a huge ram with incredible power, he has a superb masculine head with a small amount of hair cover, powerful legs and a tight, dense fleece. He is BIG and incredibly long and yet still has a good gigot and loin. 

    Five Star breeds phenomenal growth rate, decent muscle depths and a little fat cover and has been used heavily over our leaner, thicker ewes. He appears to complement Lowerye Eric's progeny superbly, with many exceptional lambs resulting from this cross in 2007.  One of which, L.Humpty Dumpty (ZVY 7061), has been selected as a sire reference ram for 2008. A later born lamb, ZVY 7249, out of the twin to L.Great Guns (ZVY 6084) is the 2nd highest index lamb in 2007 having weighed 79 kg at 21 weeks, not bad for a teg's lamb! His growth rate ebv is the highest in the breed at +17.12kg and his index is 476.

    As you can see from the picture below, Five Star is a powerful, imposing ram. 

Crogham Five Star

  Crogham Five Star (AB 5085).

    Sire: Crogham Deuce (AB 3095), who is a son of sire reference ram, Rutland Alamos (ZFY 0025),  at one time the highest CT muscularity ram in the breed. Deuce is out of an ET bred daughter of former sire reference ram, Crogham Commissioner (AB 8148) from a daughter of ND0088. ND0088 was the dam of reference ram, Crogham Cracker (AB 4060) and Crogham Cannon who was the record priced Charollais when he sold as a ram lamb for 7,600gns.

    C.Deuce is the highest growth rate stock ram within the breed in 2006 and, like his son, is a HUGE, long ram with strong bone, a tight dense fleece and a masculine head.


    Dam: C.Five Star was born as a result of embryo transfer on AB 9312, she too is a daughter of Crogham Commissioner (AB 8148) and a triplet sister to AB 9311, who was sold to the Dalby (PE) flock as a ram lamb where he sired Dalby Atomic (PE 0090), a ram with great CT muscularity figures that has started a hugely successful line in that flock. AB 9312's dam was AB 7069, a triplet daughter of Netherallan Envoy (KS 4149) that has bred several high muscle reference rams for the Crogham flock. 

    Five Star's pedigree features just about all of the males and females that have been the most successful in the Crogham flock over the last 15 years. He comes from a line of huge, powerful sheep with several high muscle sheep bred to them.

Sire Reference EBV's (based on 261 progeny):

8 wk wt. 21wk wt. Muscle. Fat. Index.
AB 5085 +5.98kgs +13.74kgs +1.85mm +0.16mm 350


Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR.