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Brettles Jet Set                                                                             Updated: 23/06/2012

    Purchased privately from the Brettles flock, Brettles Jet Set (WF9078) was the second highest index lamb of 2009.  He is a son of Rockvilla Golden Promise (VV6049) out of a daughter of L.Eric. On CT scanning, his muscularity score was the second highest of 2009 at +6.07

    Jet Set is an incredibly long ram lamb, with a tight fleece and a masculine head. He is full of flesh over the loin and gigot, as was shown by his CT scan and his superb muscularity ebv, and stands wide and square. His progeny are showing all of his fleshing qualities, combined with his length.



Sire: Rockvilla Golden Promise (VV6049) was the 1st prize ram lamb at the Royal Ulster Show in 2006, the male Champion at the Royal Show in 2007 and was the Interbreed Champion at the Royal Welsh Show in 2008. To underline his quality, a daughter was Breed Champion at the Royal Show in 2009 and a son was Reserve Champion at the Premier Sale in 2009.


    Rockvilla Golden Promise (VV6049).

(Picture used courtesy of C.Sercombe, Dalby flock).

Dam: Jet Set's dam (WF 6033) was a daughter of L.Eric, from a daughter of high muscle sire reference ram, Crogham Aries. Jet Set completes a string of generations of high muscle rams.

    Ram lamb by Jet Set.

    The ram lamb shown in the picture scanned with an eye muscle depth of 38.5mm and an eye muscle area (from CT scanning) of 40.41 square cm. Typical of Jet Set's stamp, he is incredibly long, with a massive gigot and a full loin. He was sold at the Premier Sale to the Eastbach flock and also carries 2 copies of the MyoMAX gene.

    Having been impressed by Jet Set's natural fleshing off grass, the Mortimer (HH) flock has now purchased a half share in him.


   Jet Set carries 2 copies of the MyoMAX gene.

  Sire Reference EBV's:

8 wk wt. 21wk wt. Muscle. Fat. Index.
WF 9078 +1.88kgs +4.59kgs +3.68mm -1.07mm 344


Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR.

Semen for sale for EU & USA export.


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