The "LOWERYE" flock of British Charollais Sheep.
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Lowerye Great Guns.                                                        Updated: 26/06/2009

    Lowerye Great Guns (ZVY 6084) is a son of Lowerye Eric (ZVY 4090), he is a tight skinned ram with  an incredibly full, wide loin, a rock hard gigot and superb legs and feet. He has short upright pasterns and hard, black feet. His dam is a daughter of Lowerye Bert that has a strong, well covered head and a solid, wide loin. Reared as twins, his sister and him both stood out as strong lambs from birth. His twin sister, ZVY 6085, is now the highest index female in the breed at 485. She has earnt that index through her own performance and through the exceptional growth rate of the ram lambs that she reared as a ewe lamb. One of which weighed 79kg at 21 weeks, giving him a growth rate ebv of +17.12kg (the highest growth rate recorded) and an index of 475, the second highest index lamb in 2007.

Great Guns is the highest index stock sire in the breed in 2009.

    He scanned with an eye muscle depth of 44.5mm and a scan weight of 66 kg, his breed index is 472 making him the highest index Charollais sire ever recorded. His eye muscle depth is a breed record and on CT scanning he was shown to have a record eye muscle area of 42.88 sq cm. His muscularity ebv is, I believe, also the highest in the breed at 10.72, and his eye muscle depth ebv is also the 2nd highest at +5.98mm. He is also no slouch when it comes to growth rate, being in the top 15% of the breed.

    With such fantastic muscling I have just had to use him, despite being related to much of the flock. His progeny are exceptional, having wide, full loins and square hindquarters coupled with style. One was the top price lamb in our Premier Sale pen in 2007. The five daughters that I retained in 2007 ALL stand out, amongst an impressive bunch, for their exceptional conformation. They all have huge hind quarter development off grass and have haunches rather than gigots! 

    In 2007 he has been used over 5 of my 6 ET donor ewes (resulting in 7 of the top 12 recorded lambs in 2008) and 50, mostly unrelated, ewes.

    L. Great Guns (ZVY 6084).     



    Due to his close relationship to most of the Lowerye flock, Great Guns has now been sold to another purebred flock where he is seeing widespread use. He has left another group of impressive sons and daughters in the the shearling crop for 2009 with indexes of up to 480.

   Great Guns carries 2 copies of the MyoMAX gene.


  Sire Reference EBV's:

Great Guns' performance, and that of his progeny, mean that he is the highest index stock sire in the UK in 2009.

8 wk wt. 21wk wt. Muscle. Fat. Index.
ZVY 6084 +4.92kgs +9.03kgs +6.06mm -0.30mm 458
Top 10% +4.31kgs +9.44kgs +3.90mm -0.51mm 351

    I have included the top 10% percentile ebvs for reference. 

Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR.


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