The "LOWERYE" flock of British Charollais Sheep.
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Lowerye Dynamite.                                        updated: 03/06/2008


Lowerye Dynamite (ZVY 3018) was the highest index son of sire reference ram Lowerye Charlie (ZVY 2019) born in 2003. He is a thickset, stocky ram with an incredibly masculine head and a good gigot. He scanned with an eye muscle of 34.7mm at a weight of 69kg and was selected to send to Edinburgh for CT scanning where his muscularity was highlighted.


Lowerye Dynamite    Lowerye Dynamite    Lowerye Dynamite (ZVY 3018).


    Sire: Lowerye Charlie (ZVY2019) was the highest index son of Arjane Master Mac (ZRF 8004) born in the sire reference scheme in 2002. He is out of a daughter of Foulrice Lionheart (DG 5137) that traces back to DJ 8001, Supreme Champion at the 3 Counties Show in 1989 and the dam of Belbroughton Grandmaster (DJ 1001). Charlie is a long, tall ram with a good loin, a masculine head and a tremendous head carriage. He was first prize ram lamb at Moreton-in-Marsh Show as a ram lamb and was the first choice reference ram and winner of the Rutland Trophy at our selection day in 2002. He was subsequently used as a reference ram by most flocks in the scheme in 2003.

Lowerye Charlie      Lowerye Charlie


    Dam: ZVY 8064 is a daughter of Lowerye Brutus (ZVY 6100) who was the highest index son of reference ram Netherallan Envoy (KS 4149) and was himself selected as a reference ram in 1996. She is out of a daughter of another reference ram, Netherallan Majestic (KS 1068), from our most successful female family. That family traces back to FX 1023, a ewe lamb sold by the Cairnhill flock for 1,450 gns at the Premier Sale 1991. 

   Sire Reference EBV's:

8 wk wt. 21wk wt. Muscle. Fat. Index.
ZVY 3018 +4.51kgs +10.11kgs +2.31mm +0.38mm 342


    Lowerye Dynamite was used by AI lightly as a lamb resulting in some extremely thick, deep bodied, well muscled lambs with their father's strong heads. They have grown into big, upstanding shearlings with length and power.

Semen for Sale.

Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR.

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