The "LOWERYE" flock of British Charollais Sheep.
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Lowerye Kinell.                                                                                              Updated: 23/06/2012

    Lowerye Kinell (ZVY0084) was the second highest gigot shape lamb in the flock in 2010, at +8.07.  He is the highest index son of Inglis Chalky(CN2048) out of an incredibly milky dam by L.Ernie (ZVY4046). Kinell is one of the widest lambs that I have ever bred at Lowerye, with an extremely full gigot. 

    Steadfastly refusing to jump a ewe when anyone was nearby, Kinell was only used lightly in July 2010. His lambs are very correct and have inherited his width and gigot. He was used more later in the season, including for an extensive ET program in October. The March born lambs from that program, look particularly impressive.




   Kinell carries 2 copies of the MyoMAX gene.


A March born son (Lomu) of L.Kinell at 10 weeks old.

In 2012, Kinell sired the highest rated ram lamb in the Signet report, L.Marvel (ZVY1201342), who is destined for the Premier Sale in Worcester. Marvel will be the highest index lamb ever offered for sale.....



  Sire Reference EBV's:

8 wk wt. 21wk wt. Muscle. Fat. Index.
12ZVY01342 +5.60kgs +11.33kgs +5.26mm -0.34mm 512
ZVY0084 +4.11kgs +7.87kgs +4.07mm -0.56mm 409
Top 25% +3.67kgs +7.95kgs +3.05mm -0.28mm 309

    I have included the top 25% percentile ebvs for reference. 


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