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Inglis Chalky.                                                                                Updated: 23/06/2012

   Inglis Chalky (CN2048) joined the ram stud at Lowerye in June 2008 as a 6 year old ram. I used some semen from him in 2007, having seen him at the AI collection centre where he was lame (having injured his leg) and 5 years old, but still had a FANTASTIC hindquarter. He was purchased after seeing how his progeny had performed here both visually and in performance terms. From a small number of lambs born, he has bred several outstanding lambs. He breeds incredibly long, powerful sheep with good muscling throughout and especially through the rump. They consistently have a dense fleece and near perfect legs & feet, whilst their heads are well covered.

    One of his lambs, L.Iridian (ZVY8127), was sold privately to the Rainbow flock of A&J Walton in May, having been the pick of the ram lambs. Iridian's lambs are apparently showing length with great back ends.

Chalky as a 6 year old  

  Inglis Chalky as a 6 year old.

    Chalky was the top priced shearling at the Builth Wells main sale in September 2003, where he was sold for 2,200gns. He sired the top priced shearling at the same sale in 2005, where Cwm Dunrig Edward made 1,850gns.

    Chalky's sire is Rutland Archie (ZFY 0137), who impressed me so much at the 2000 Premier Sale at Lichfield, that I was underbidder on him. Archie was purchased by the Inglis flock where he has been extensively used until his death in 2008. He has sired numerous stock rams to pedigree flocks including Inglis Director in the Bachymbyd flock and Inglis Cymro in the Galtres flock, where he sired the 7,100gns Galtres Favour.

    Chalky was very lean when he arrived at Lowerye and was only used lightly for services in July, resulting in a handful of fantastic lambs. He has gained a lot of flesh and condition is now much fitter (see picture above!) and has been used much more heavily for our September matings, the lambs from which are outstanding.



2010 Ram lambs by Chalky.

    The lamb in the right hand picture, L.Kinell (ZVY0084), has been retained at Lowerye, whilst the lamb on the left is entered for the breed Premier Sale in July. Kinell has bred the highest rated ram lamb in 2012, with an index of 512.

    Chalky is owned jointly with the Mortimer (HH) flock, who have also used him heavily, breeding the top priced shearling at Builth Wells sale 2011 by him.

    Chalky carries a single copy of the MyoMAX gene.

    Sire Reference EBV's:

    Chalky's index is now based on 152  recorded progeny with several having been through the CT scanner. 

8 wk wt. 21wk wt. Muscle. Fat. Index.
CN 2048 +4.74kgs +9.4kgs +3.17mm +0.42mm 356
Top 10%. +4.31kgs +9.32kgs +3.75mm -0.64mm 344

    I have included the top 10% ebvs for reference. 

Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR.


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