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Arjane Flasharo.                                                                         updated: 03/06/2008


    Arjane Flasharo (ZRF 5017) was purchased at the 2005 Premier Sale for 2,000gns, where he caught my eye as the one ram that I would like to take home. He is the highest index, and I consider the best,  son of Galtres Dominator (ZKT 3025).

    A.Flasharo exhibits his sire's style with a tremendously smart head carriage, he is incredibly long with an extremely wide rump and massive hindquarters. His fleece is extremely tight and dense and he is absolutely correct in the mouth and feet, having the short pasterns and dark feet that I consider so important to breeding correct, long lasting sheep.

    I purchased him to use over daughters of Lowerye Eric (ZVY 4090), to add a little more scale and style and to tighten the fleece further whilst maintaining that excellent width of fleshing and the full gigots. This I think he should do well. 

    I have used him over 30 daughters of L.Eric to lamb in February and look to have an excellent conception rate.


  Arjane Flasharo (ZRF 5017).

    Arjane Flasharo was judged Champion in the junior stock ram class of the 2005 Central Region Flock Competition. At the Premier Sale he was awarded a bronze award in the Breed Evalation. Semen has been exported to the USA and Canada.

    He is an easy fleshing ram that is always in good condition and full of meat off grass. He scanned with an eye muscle of 35.1mm and a fat depth of 3.87mm at 156 days old when he weighed in at an impressive 78kg.

    The twin sister to Flasharo bred the Champion ram lamb in the breed evaluation at the 2007 Premier Sale. He had scanned with an eye muscle of over 40mm and sold for 1,300 gns.


    Sire: Galtres Dominator (ZKT 3025). He was my first choice ram at the 2004 Premier Sale and sold for 6,000gns. His progeny have sold for 5,200gns, 5,000gns and 4,400gns in 2005. Two of those ram lambs were bred the same way as Flasharo, being out of a daughter of Highway Mr Softie.

    In 2006 his progeny  pretty well swept the board at the Royal Welsh Show.

      Galtres Dominator (ZKT 3025).

    G.Dominator is a son of Cairnhill Cavalier out of a daughter of Westonvale Jubilee, the cross that has produced so many good sheep for the Foulrice flock. His g.dam was a daughter of Foulrice Explorer (DG7112) who was a son of our old stock sire, Foulrice Lionheart (DG 5137), certainly a pedigree that gives me great confidence in his fleshing abilities. 

    Dominator has a tight fleece and a strong head coupled with hard fleshing. He was the top price ram at the 2004 Premier Sale and was the awarded the top score in that sale's Breed Evaluation, he was certainly worthy of that accolade.


    Dam: ZRF 1012 was a triplet daughter of Highway Mr Softie (ZDG 8014) who was Royal Show Champion in 1999. We have several daughters of Mr Softie in the Lowerye flock and all are incredible mothers with oceans of milk produced from tight udders with small, perfectly placed teats. Mr Softie was also the sire of our stock ram, Lowerye Bert (ZVY 1001), who bred the top muscularity ram lamb in 2003, Lowerye Del Boy (ZVY 3198) and the top index ram in Eire, Lowerye Dynamo. He has also bred several other stock sires including L.Double Entendre (ZVY 3162). His daughters make, without exception, wonderful milky mothers.

    The triplet sister to ZRF 1012 has bred several ram lambs that have seen successful use as stock sires. ZRF 1012 herself has been flushed this year to G.Dominator as a result of the impressive Flasharo. 

    Pictured below is my favourite son, ZVY 6340, who was one of our last lambs born at the end of February from the Lowerye Charlie (ZVY 2019) daughter that bred the 1st prize ewe lamb at the 3 Counties Show 2005. 

    ZVY 6340    ZVY 6340.

Sire Reference EBV's:

8 wk wt. 21wk wt. Muscle. Fat. Index.
ZRF 5017 +2.85kgs +9.29kgs +2.85mm -1.52mm 270


Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR.


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